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Wendell Keefer Estate Sales
We take pride in our work and love the job.

We offer you several options for liquidating your items. You will be able to decide which option works best for you and your circumstances.
All of our staff are partners since we are a Co-Op, so expect the best service from everyone on our staff.

Assessing the Property
Initially, we will come to the property and make a review of the contents of the property. This will allow us to determine if a sale is in your and our best interest. If there is not a possible sale, and you are not interested in the Pull-Sale Option, we will be glad to give you a list of possible charities that could take the items for you.

Finding your Liquidator
Ensure you check out our company as well as others to ensure you will be happy with the services provided. If the property does have enough for a sale, you will need to interview some Liquidators to make a decision on who you want to use. Ensure you feel comfortable with whoever you choose. We want you to choose us with an open and educated mind and that you will be happy with the end result. Be ready to sign a contract when you have made your decision.

Basic Beginning
After a sale date has been set. We will need a key to the property and full access to the property. We will clean, sort, photograph, research, and market all of the items to be sold as much as possible. As soon as this is accomplished, we will notify by email, hand out fliers in the neighborhood and advertise the sale. We will also do notifications prior to the pre-sale, adding items that were found during the clean up and set up.
The costs for any mailing and flier information are shared from the gross proceeds of the sale itself, as well as print ads, and advertising. We try and minimize all of these costs as much as possible. All of these costs will be come out of our pocket and will be reimbursed at the end of the sale from the proceeds of the sale. Most Estate Sale Companies will take their percentage from the gross proceeds of the sale. This leaves you, the client paying all expenses. Since both your and our percentages are taken from the net sales, we are splitting all the expenses with you. This also makes us limit expenses as it is coming out of our money too. The balance will be the net of the sale and will be divided as per the contract. Everything will be itemized so that you are assured of the cost of all items and services. ONCE YOU HAVE SELECTED US TO LIQUIDATE YOUR ESTATE, PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ANY ITEMS FROM THE PROPERTY THAT WERE USED TO CONTRACT YOUR SALE. OUR PERCENTAGES ARE BASED UPON THE ITEMS WE LOOKED AT TO APPRAISE THE SALE.

Preparing for the Sale
We will bring in everything for the sale, everything from tables, chairs, cases for display, and anything else needed to conduct the sale, such as tarps and awnings for the outside wet weather. We will then price all substantial items that can be marked. The hours of the sale will depend on the neighborhood and any other factors that need to be considered. Sales will generally run on Saturday and Sunday, and the times will generally be from 8am to 5pm (or until the last customer). We have been at some of our sales until 7pm for that last customer. Our job is to liquidate as much as possible so as long as we have customers we will be open for business. Some locations may also have Thursday and Friday sale dates.

Covering the bases
While setting up, we want to ensure we can reach you if there would be any questions on any items found to ensure items are not sold that may be of value to you. We also encourage you to come to the property after set up to walk through and ensure nothing is sold that you may want to keep. However, anything that has been advertised should not be removed so that the public does not have the sense of false advertising, which we will not do.

If you select the clean out option, the clean up will take place after the final day of the sale and we will continue until all is done. If you choose, we will clean up the yard, garage and the entire premises, adding the costs to the end of the family’s net results and paying for it from their end only. Keep in mind we will log most large and expensive items for you so you have a list of what the items sold for. It is impossible to note every item in the sale, but we will do our best to ensure you are happy with the listed items and the amounts sold.

We want to make the process as painless as possible. We want to work hard and show respect to the family. We want our clients to find magnificent items to add to their collections at fair and decent prices. Lastly we want to ensure that items are not taken to the dump. We would rather give something away then to throw it away.


On a normal on property sale, we will pay all costs up front. You will not have to pay anything up front. We are reimbursed from the sale’s gross proceeds. The commission rate you pay is taken from the net of the sale and not from the gross.
The percentage we charge is based upon the following:
Challenge of Project
Preparation Time
Hours Needed to Research Values
Marketing and Advertising
Distance from our office and fuel for vehicles
Supplies to prepare and run the sale

Schedule 1: General Estate Sale

This type of sale would be held at your location. The percentage will vary by the net sale amount as well as the work involved for the sale. The sale is usually conducted in three days. This is best if you want to clear the items out fast with the least amount of money received from the items. We will handle only the sale. There would be no clean up or any items removed from the property after the sale.

Schedule 2: General Estate Sale, Online Sales, and Warehouse or Pull Sale

This type of sale would be held at your location. We would try to get the best possible price for the items being sold. We would put many of the items online to be sold there. Once the sale is complete, all collectible items would be pulled to our warehouse in Fontana to be liquidated there. From the warehouse, we will continue to sell the items online and we would also take items to new Estate Sales to liquidate them there. The percentage will vary by the net sale amount as well as the work involved for the sale. The sale is usually conducted in three days. Then all collectible items are usually out of the home within a week and brought to the warehouse. There would be no clean up, not trash removal and no other items removed from the home. You would be responsible for donating the remaining items. This is best if you want to clear the items out fast and still receive the best value for your collectible items.

Schedule 3: General Estate Sale, Online Sales, Warehouse or Pull Sale, and Trash Removal

We will handle Schedules 1 and 2 as well as trash removal from inside the home. We will remove all donatable items and donate them. The home will be swept on our way out.

In Conclusion

From experience, we know that most people that walk into an Estate Sale are looking for bargains. The “General Estate Sale” option, is not usually the best way to receive the best dollar amount for your items. This is usually a rush job and people know you need to take penny’s on the dollar to liquidate. By using some of the other options, the percentages are higher, but we try to sell more valuable items on our website, eBay, Etsy and other online venues or at other Estate Sales. This gives us a much broader range of buyers and usually they are looking for those types of items so they will pay top dollar for them. We want to sell your item for a price that is fair for you and for the buyer. Why would you want to sell an item for $500.00 that you could receive $1,000.00 . It may take a little longer, but it is well worth the wait.

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