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Welcome to your Estate Sales Guide,  we are committed to providing you with a valid estate industry resource.  Hire the best estate sale companies and estate industry professionals.  Our site was built with you in mind.

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The Estate Sales Guide Story

on your sideWhat started, as a love for shopping estate sales, grew into much more with all the amazing people I’ve met through the years.  This includes estate sale companies to estate sale shoppers and consumers that hire estate sale companies, realtors, attorneys and everything in between.

The estate sale industry is a wonderful industry that is special and emotional on so many levels.  The human aspect, personalized caring approach I’ve seen during my experience, made the estate sales guide the success it is today.

By taking our love of estate sales and combining it with our marketing experience and eagerness to help others, the Estate Sales Guide was born!

The Estate Sales Guide is your source of news, information and estate industry professionals with a click of a mouse.

What you can expect from us:

Like to shop local estate sales? We’re not a listing site for sale events, but estatesales.org, estatesale.com and estatesales.net are a great source for finding a local estate sale.  We are here as your consumer guide to help you find the appropriate professionals who will get the job done, and leave you feeling anxiety-free.

How you benefit from the Estate Sales Guide

the consumerYou can expect a wealth of information. Consider us a central hub or a gateway to professional organizations that can help you further address questions or concerns you have about estate and probate.

The information you read on this site is written because people just like you have experienced the same hardships, concerns and questions.  We reach out to the best, most qualified professionals and bring the info back for you.

The Estate Sales Guide led me to my attorney, real estate agent and estate sale company, when my parents passed away. I had so much to deal with, it really felt like the whole world was on my shoulders.  This site has the human touch and that’s exactly what I needed at that time.  It’s not something we need all the time, but it sure is nice to have everything in one place, as I did.  Thank you Judy Baxter – Oklahoma

We brought all the estate industry professionals under one roof for you to choose from.  We at Estate Sales Guide strive to bring you information that will help you make an informed decision when you’re faced with life’s expected and unexpected transitions.

Countless hours are spent compiling information for you. All we ask is that you enjoy and share your personal experience with others, by rating the estate industry professional with whom you worked. This will help others who come to our site in the future.



We are committed to both you, as the consumer, and the estate industry professionals.  We may be compensated by businesses listed or featured on this site, but at no time do we prefer one professional over another.  We recognize our top estate professionals based on their commitment to you, as the consumer, their willingness to provide unbiased, informative topics and answer your questions when you need them most. 

We’re here to provide and guide. All you have to do is decide! 

Your back office guide team.

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