Tips for Advertising Estate Sales, Companies and Professional Services

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Tired of not getting results you expect from online marketing and advertising? Sometimes getting one tip will help you increase visibility.

Holding an estate sale can be great, but if no buyers show up, you might as well pack up and shut the doors (no fun in that!).

Advertising the sale is crucial, driving traffic to the estate sales will help you sell out quickly and the increased traffic will directly impacts the bottom line.

marketing and advertising estate sale strategy

Email Marketing

One of the biggest reasons people hire professional estate sale liquidators is the large following of buyers they have.  They directly communicate with the buyers via email, quickly notifying them of an upcoming sale.

If you’re holding a family ran sale, you can reach out to your immediate family and friends, but this obviously does not compare to the volume of estate sale buyers a professional liquidator can reach.

Estate Sale Youtube Videos

The world of picture and sound has reached a whole new level.  Youtube is the world’s second biggest search engine, featuring videos in search results can be easily achieved with properly filling in the video title, description, and tags.

How to increase estate sale video visibility? By properly identifying your video.


Title should be clear and short (Estate Sale in City State zip – Name of your company).


The description should include a summary describing the estate sale, full address and a few of the items that can be found.  Your tags are also a great way to highlight your video.  Don’t forget to link to your website for more information about the sale if you’re an estate sale professional company.


Tags are meant to be short and concise (estatesale, zip, city, state, vintage, antique, and any brand name you might have mentioned in your description)

Try to take a quick short video of the items up for sale, upload to Youtube a week prior to the sale date for additional exposure.

If you’re a professional liquidator, take it a step further by linking the video to your website and sharing it across your social media channels.

The goal is visibility, not only for the sale you’re holding but also your company and the services you provide.

marketing an estate sale company business

Social Media Marketing for Estate Sales

Sure it’s called social, but it’s a playground for business relationships.  Each social media site has a benefit, understanding the details will help you succeed in social media marketing for estate sales.


Facebook is a great tool when it comes to creating an event, inviting others, promoting to a targeted audience in a specific geographical location (around your sales) or if you’re a professional company, back to your own website, which benefits both your site ranking and increase exposure to your sale location.

Facebook Scheduling a Post

How to schedule a post on a business page

Your Facebook page shouldn’t only be about you.  Talking about yourself over and over can be quite boring for your audience.  Don’t think like a business owner, but as a consumer (tell them something worth knowing, often, and most importantly consistent).

Feeling overwhelmed and busy? use the free post scheduling tool available to post regularly on your Facebook business page.  Regular posts will keep your audience engaged, and tuned in.


Twitter is a great tool to connect with other professionals in the industry and help highlight each other through a common goal.

If you use an online auction to sell items, share those links on Twitter with a short message and don’t forget those #hashtags.

Tagging friends, family, customers, and followers in your post will increase your visibility.


Instagram, like they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, share photos of unique items, Geotag and highlight the important #keywords that the public might look for when searching for the item you have to sell.

You’re not able to link to your site, but your name is visible and that’s all that matters.


Professional marketers understand the power of Google+, but it’s often ignored by many small businesses simply because they do not understand its benefits.

Think of it as a Facebook owned by Google.  A professional playground that directly ties to your Google places business page (you know the top 5 pack in maps when people search?).

Reach thousands of people searching online, connect with other professionals, create events (estate sales) and invite others to follow.

This professional playground brings all your Google features and tools together, publish photographs, Youtube videos and more.

Estate Sale Listing Sites

A quick Google search can lead you to many listing sites designed specifically for estate sale advertising. Don’t forget the common sites such as craigslist, local classified ads should also be considered.

When it comes to advertising a scheduled estate sale “the more the merrier”.  Most advertising strategies fail if you don’t stay consistent, so make sure and develop a to do list.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? 

Advertising and marketing can be time consuming not to mention costly, this is one of the biggest reasons families choose to hire an estate sale professional over running a private estate sale.

Liquidators have the marketing strategies for advertising estate sales already in place.

Our future publications will include a step-by-step guide for each platform.  Stay tuned and bookmark this page, we’re only here to guide, you read and decide.

If you’re a professional estate sale company looking to increase your company’s online visibility and gain new estate sale clients, complete the form below and we’ll put you in touch with the best estate sale industry SEO & Social Media specialist that’s affordable, comes with references and provides exceptional marketing services specifically designed for the estate sale business.

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