Antique and Vintage Jewelry Found at Estate Sales

You’ve heard the saying “Beauty gets better with age” that statement is definitely true when it comes to estate vintage jewelry.

As young girls we all remember our grandmothers decorating their outfits with pins and large brooches. Some were handmade, with sparkling gems and some were simple with silver or gold accents.

antique jewelry on a cardiganThey were used to hold together scarves, loose sweaters or simply dress up tops that our grandmothers seemed to endlessly wear.

Vintage brooches are here again.  New York runways are adding the vintage brooch trend to their new modern fashion collections.

Fashion designers have said “brooches are a versatile accessory that stands the test of times”.

The versatility of wearing a vintage brooch is endless.  While EBay and other online shops sell estate vintage brooches on a daily basis, there’s nothing that compares to touching, feeling and holding an estate antique jewelry piece in your hands prior to purchase.


Hollywood has embraced the classic look and added a new twist to wearing these amazing, and stunning pieces of jewelry art.

Sarah Jessica Parker created a choker with an antique brooch.

Sarah Jessica Parker created a choker with an antique brooch.

Estate Sales are possibly the best avenue to finding vintage estate jewelry pieces that are in mint condition, why? The items being liquidated at an estate sale are items that are loved, wanted, but can no longer be kept due to a transition in life, unlike garage sales where the items are no longer needed or wanted.


Vintage Trifari jewelry is favored among the Italians why? The man who started it all was Gustavo Trifari, an Italian immigrant who arrived in New York in 1904.  Today, the favored Trifari brand continued and carries with it lots of style for the avid fashionista.

Kramer of New York

Started in New York by Louis Kramer in 1943, Austrian crystal and rhinestones are the most common stones used and contribute to the ‘bling factor’ of each vintage piece, making them a sought after commodity.


When Eisenberg & Sons began in 1914, it was a clothing company.  The jewelry was used to decorate the clothing pieces they sold, and kept getting stolen because it was so attractive.

Today, avid collectors recognize these pieces due to their marks.  From about 1935 to 1945 the words “Eisenberg Original” hallmarked the pieces, after 1945 the plan Eisenberg or Eisenberg Ice began to appear until about 1950.

Trifari, Kramer of New York, and  Eisenberg are a few of the sought after vintage jewelry designer brands, but there’s many more and the abundance of them can easily be found at your local estate sale.

Where to find rare estate jewelry pieces?

Get in touch with estate sale companies, they serve as a hub between the owner of the estate and you the buyer.  While they sell these estate vintage jewelry pieces at the highest value possible, you are still able to get a great deal on a rare, unique vintage piece at a fraction of the cost elsewhere, not to mention the privilege of a personal preview prior to purchase.

If you love estate vintage jewelry finds.  Support your neighbors and a local estate sale company by visiting an estate sale and checking it out for yourself.

When you shop estate sales, you’re helping the estate families transition, a local small business grow and getting yourself the most amazing finds at a great price.

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