Estate Sale Finds – Shopping for Bohemian Decor Styles

The laid back Bohemian décor also known as Boho Chic reflects individuality, estate sales have amazing finds that can inspire your earthy design ideas without breaking the bank.  Here are some home decor ideas and an abundance of items you’ll find by shopping estate sales.

Get inspired with these breath taking designs filled with layers, colors and an exotic feel of serenity.

boho chic living room decor ideas


Living Room Bohemian Style and Design

Think layers, bright colors and the only thing that best matches a pattern, is another pattern.  Estate sales have an abundance of throw pillows, rugs, and scarves to throw about for less than you can buy at retail.

bohemian style bedroom idea


Bedroom Boho Décor

Mix in a little Moroccon motif with a few bright colors, voila! You have a Bohemian Oasis you can lay your head in peacefully.  Entire bedroom sets, side tables, cabinets and a million random accessories can be found while your estate sale shopping, the best surprise is not knowing what you’ll find next.

delta bohemian kitchen vintage linen


The Bohemian Kitchen

Opposite of Mid-Century modern styles that look for clean lines, when thinking Bohemian kitchen think “messy-cool”.  A vintage feel that doesn’t separate the kitchen from the living area, but turns it into an oasis extension.  A vintage rug or two with a few estate old pots strategically placed about will inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen and possibly turn into a chef! (not).

bohemian style bathroom estate sale pottery

Photo: Pinterest

The Boho Chic Bathroom

With Bohemian décor, it’s not the big changes, but the little ones that really bring pizzaz and sense of wow into anyroom including the bathroom.  Who says you only need one mirror in the bathroom? Or that your mouthwash can’t be placed in an estate vintage crystal decanter?.  Go all out and let your individual style shine.  Shopping estate sales makes it to find the chic accessories you need, did I mention, the savings are amazing!

What makes the Bohemian designed homes attractive is uniqueness, not one space looks exactly like another.  Pizzaz, wow-factor with a serene laid back feel.  There’s no limit to what you can do, so why hold back? Let your style shine through in your design ideas and turn your home into a chic oasis.

Bohemian style doesn’t correlate well with mall or retail shopping.  You’d have to go to hundreds of them and spend thousands to find all the random unique pieces you need for your masterpiece, not to mention their high price tags.   Estate Sales on the other hand have an abundance of the most perfect accessories you can apply right away and save.

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