Downsizing Tips Made Simple for an Enjoyable Lifestyle

June 22, 2015 Aging Parents, Downsizing, Elder Care, Estate Executor, Estate Sales, Liquidation, Retirement Planing, Senior Moving

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We are often asked by our readers to provide suggestions on how they can simplify their lifestyles.  We’re not specifically experts on the matter, but thankfully we have an abundance of professional experts we rely on to bring you amazing tips that can help you start downsizing without the loss of value.

It’s not easy to change old habits, and it is quite difficult to let go of stuff.  We are here to guide you to a path of simplicity, but you need to be ready, and we promise it gets easier with practice.

downsize without the guilt

Get rid of stuff

We tend to keep everything because of sentimental attachments, every document our child filled out in kindergarten, every birthday card ever received.  Yes, it is admirable and honorable to value sentimental items, Heirlooms, and family history, but to downsize a life requires some sacrifices.

Ask your children if they would like to keep their personal items instead of tossing them away to help you during this transition while you focus on tossing those old pair of tennis shoes that your wore in the 80’s.

Egypt wasn’t built in a day.  Take small steps in the right direction, and these small steps will help you build the confidence you need to begin de-cluttering your life.

Make a Move

Moving is one of the best ways to start downsizing, the fact that a smaller place simply has no room will mentally help you downsize without the guilt.  “If there’s no room, it has to go”.  During a move we tend to find things we haven’t seen in years, and quickly decide that it’s unnecessary.

Getting rid of stuff during a move also helps your build the habit of removing unnecessary items.

The Right Time is Now

If you’re overwhelmed with stuff, clutter, unused items, and collectibles that hinder your life more than they bring you joy, and you’re ready to let go.  Don’t come up with a million excuses of “I will start when…” There is no better time to start than now.

Waiting for that right moment, or “when I find a smaller home” will only stress you out more.  When you choose a simpler life, it can be practiced in any size home.

Concerned about Loss of Value?

Many of us also cling to items we have due to fear of losing value.  “I paid so much for that, what am I supposed to do toss it? Or put it in a yard sale for a buck?”.

There are many liquidation options available to you as a homeowner, while many relate estate sales to a loss of someone, it’s far from the truth.  Thousands of estate sales are held on a monthly basis for homeowners that simply choose to move, or downsize their lifestyles.

A liquidation sale by a professional liquidator allows you to choose and set aside the items you’d like to keep.  Their job will be to liquidate the items you are not keeping by selling them at the highest value possible to consumers.

What type of items are sold at estate sales?

Everything you could possibly think of, most professional estate sale coordinators will ask you to please set aside the items you’d like to keep, do not throw anything away, and let their professional team take over and turn your items into money.

Having a rough time deciding whether an estate sale is right for you?

It doesn’t hurt to find a professional estate liquidator and talk to them about your plans.  If you decide to hold an estate sale.  Set a goal of how you’ll want to spend the money you get from all that stuff that’s just going to weigh you down while you transition to a simpler more enjoyable lifestyle.

Make a vacation plan, something fun, something enjoyable, try to keep shopping off the list.  Isn’t traveling or enjoying your life one of the reasons you chose to downsize in the first place?.

We’d love to hear from you, if you have tips, ideas, or experienced a transition yourself, comment below.


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