Estate Antique Jewelry – The Georgian Era Jewels  

There are many estate jewelry collectors across the country, and with over 13000 estate sales held each month, there’s no better place to shop for rare estate jewelry pieces, here’s what collectors are after when they’re looking for the antique jewelry and vintage bling.

Antique Georgian Jewelry

The Georgian era dates to pre 1837, a time of Mozart, George Washington and explorations by Louis and Clark in America.  All across the globe there were important transformation taking place.  Both men and women during this era favored jewelry and proudly displayed it day and night.

Georgian Era Female wearing antique jewelry

Natural materials like Coral, Amber, Ivory, and Pearls were quite popular during this time, and were often seen in their daytime jewelry accents, the nighttime jewelry however, included fine quality gemstones, diamonds and was made of 18k gold or higher.

During the Georgian era, jewelry wasn’t simply about wearing a necklace, ring or earrings.  Women decorated their hair with fine jewelry, while men proudly wore shoe buckles and brooches over their colorful costumes.  There was a prominent differentiation between the classes, which was quite visible in the way they dressed and accessorized.

Goldsmiths at that time were quite skillful, artistic and had a magnificent vision they applied in the shapes and designs they created, bringing those visions to life in a wide range of jewelry collections.  A magnificent wardrobe and hairstyle required an equally magnificent bling accent.  Georgian jewelry makers were eager to please their receptive audience, often with a one of a kind piece.

Antique Estate Georgian Brooches

Fast forward a few hundred years and many people are still captivated by the romantic era and the jewelry designs it had to offer.  Collectors from all over the world flock to the web in hopes of finding a true antique Georgian jewelry piece.  Many antique jewelry shoppers are experienced, but unless you’re an avid collector or appraiser, it’s quite difficult to determine authenticity.

Expert collectors don’t simply rely on the web to score their masterpieces; they frequent local estate sales looking for that one of a kind antique jewelry find.

Estate Sale Companies are hired to sell the entire contents of a home after someone passes away.  Often times, the contents include personal estate jewelry collections and magnificent heirlooms.

The estate liquidators fairly price items and may often rely on an estate appraiser to verify authenticity.  The estate jewelry obsession can be quite addicting.  The unique jewelry finds, from brooches, cameos, necklaces and even antique wedding rings are quite attractive to avid jewelry collectors, and everyday estate sale shoppers, be aware of this and be ready for a little competition when you’re shopping estate antique jewelry finds.

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