What to Expect from Estate Organizers

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When you hire estate sale organizers, there are certain expectations you may have before, during, and after the estate sale is over.

There are however some reasonable and unreasonable expectations that must be highlighted to clear some confusion among the general public.

Estate Sale Organizers and Expectations

Reasonable Expectations Of Estate Sale Organizers

Everything you expect from your estate organizer should be clearly stated and communicated in the documented estate sale contract.  If there is no written contract, forget it and cancel the sale now.

If there is a contract and it doesn’t include those expectations you have, make sure it’s included, both you and the organizer agree to it and sign.

It is the estate sale organizers’ job to inventory, organize, research, price, market and sell the personal contents of a home over an average of 3 to 4 days.

That’s a big job to handle and the majority of experienced estate sale professionals are groomed to handle the situation.

Estate Sale Expectations Worth Both Ways!

You’ve heard the term “The client is always right”, well not always and especially in estate sales.

One of the biggest issues professional estate organizers run into is while the expectations are there for them to meet, clients will fail to meet their end of the bargain.

The estate sale industry is unique because it involves personal items.  Once you sign a contract including the items in the sale, they are no longer yours until the sale is over.  If you want them, you must pay the commission owed to the estate sale company in accordance with most contract agreements.

Most professionals will provide you with a grace period before the sale to decide what you’re keeping and what you’re selling.  Use that time to make wise decisions and avoid conflicts.

Clients tend to remove items included in the sale, even after signing a contract, they feel entitled to items because they are personal.

Removing items prior to the sale start date, causes a lot of problems for the estate sale professionals, and will affect the success of the sale.

“We market, advertise, and get the word out about our upcoming sales really early.  Our estate sale shoppers get very upset when they expect to have a particular item at the sale, wait in line for hours, finally enter the house and it’s not there because the client decided to remove it from the sale the day before” Said Kendra Kathy Floyd, owner of two Grasons Co estate sale franchises in California.

Unreasonable Pricing Expectations

Estate sale companies spend countless hours researching items.  Their goal is to get the highest price possible.  They earn their income based on commission, it’s in their best interest to sell the items at a higher price, but they must also be reasonable to insure the items will sell.

Just because mom paid $69 for that Franklin Mint collector plate in 1976, doesn’t mean that’s what it’s worth today.  The value of an item will change over time, some items may go up, others will go down.

Veteran estate sale planners know pricing, they also know their followers, buyers, avid collectors in the industry and the highest price they can fetch for an item over a 3 or 4-day period.

As an estate sale client, it’s important for you to do your research, higher an experienced, professional estate sale organizer, document all your expectations and insure they are included in the contract prior to the sale.

While you may have certain requirements you expect from an estate sale organizer, always keep in mind that a successful sale can only happen if both parties involved agree, and meet those expectations.

Let’s keep the conversation going, have you hired someone for an estate sale and expected something that didn’t happen? Are you an estate sale company that experienced any other situation we should mention? Leave us a comment or send us a message, we’ll be happy to include it in our future articles.

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