Estate Sale Company Professionals

When you need to liquidate assets, you may want to consider an estate sale. Liquidators across the country can manage the entire process for you, so you don’t have to.  These estate agents are often referred to as liquidators, or tag sale companies.

Methods of Liquidation

An estate sale company may also provide liquidation auctions, appraisals, buy-out liquidation services and consignment services.

What do Estate Sale Organizers do?

They act as your representative and work closely as a liaison between all parties involved during the probate process to ensure the contents of your home are liquidated in a professional manner and sold at the highest value possible.

Services Include

  • Evaluation of Items to be Sold
  • Inventory
  • Staging and Organizing
  • Pricing
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Dispersion of the Monies Earned
  • Clean Up – which may involve disposal or donation of items remaining

The estate sale professionals are quite diverse with a lot of industry connections.  They have a following of buyers, industry contacts to help you move, auction, appraise, consign, clean up or any additional services you may need.

Choosing the Right Liquidation Company

Currently, there is no accrediting body that oversees and regulates the estate sale industries. There are simply good estate sale companies and bad ones.

The estate sale industry is growing rapidly and, while there are thousands of excellent companies in the U.S.,  many new liquidators are entering this business without any experience, a following of buyers or industry contacts.

Rely on referrals from family, your Realtor or attorney.  Estate industry professionals work closely together and the estate agent you hire is your best source for referring another.

Choose an estate sale company that has the experience, history of estate sales in your local market and a large following of buyers to insure your tag sale will sell out.  Rely on reviews by others. We ask you to rate and review an estate sale company on our site based on your personal experience.

Learn more with our Guide for Choosing an Estate Sale Company

Liquidation sales and the nature of the business can have an impact on your emotions and rational thinking. We ask you to think twice and to work closely with each company you hire prior to leaving a bad review.  Allow these businesses to rectify the situation, if possible.

Estate sale companies are mostly small family owned businesses that labor on a daily basis to ensure your family’s estate is honored and respected throughout the process.


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