Interior Design Tips on a Budget with Estate Sale Finds and Deals

Estate sales are terrific events when you’re looking for amazing items at a great deal. These often called tag or liquidation sales can be very productive for interior design projects on a budget.

If you are trying to decorate your home, shopping an estate sale and getting a deal, may actually help your inspiration.  This is a way to design an original and unique living space. Many estate sales are filled with furnishings, artwork and décor items that are stylish and unique, so getting your creativity juices flowing is easy.

These events are a way for families to honor their loved ones. They provide a measure of closure by knowing that loved possessions are being handled properly by an estate seller and continue to be appreciated in a new home with the estate sale shopper.

At the same time, estate sales provide collectors and homeowners with a variety of options. Decorating areas like a living room is an important project. This is one of the places in your home that make an impression on guests, and the space where you spend the majority of family time. Finding the right things for this space will present your sense of style and taste.

Decorating Ideas

Visiting an estate sale will help you to find potentially reasonably priced items that are stunning and perfect for your living room. Let’s look at some interior design tips that can benefit you when you attend a local sale.


Photo: Vintage Antique Mart

Add Depth with Pillows
Pillows are great decorative items to add to furnishings. They work well with sofas, loveseats and other chairs. Estate sales will often present you with pillows of different shapes and sizes, vintage hand embroidered throw pillows are often found. You can use these items to add overall depth. It is also possible to accentuate color schemes or décor themes with decorative pillows. House Beautiful encourages the use of pillows with different patterns and colors to complete a living room look.


Photo: Designhome decorating tips

Keep Cabinets Open
Antique cabinets and vintage Armoires are terrific finds at the liquidation sales. These are stylish pieces to add character to your living room. Those without glass doors can be left open to bring additional accent to the space. This tip allows you to show off your collectibles, artwork and other items. Re-purposing these finds may require staining or painting of cabinets.


Photo: Docxie Decorating Tips

Highlight with Statues & Sculptures

Are you an art collector that loves sculptures? welcome to the world of estate sale finds.  Sculptures and statues are my passion, I love collecting various pieces of bronze or marble.  Something about a sculpture, when I look at it, it represents a place and time.  Highlight the corners of the living room with amazing decorative sculptures.  Got a fireplace mantel? create a focal point with a master sculpture that adds wow!.

The owners of these pieces may have been collectors of fine sculpture, it is often that you find works by famous, recognized artists.

Want to get a sneak peak of what’s coming up at a local estate sale?, there are many online estate sale websites that feature photographs of the items to be sold.  Once you visit a sale, ask to join their email list, you’ll be updated and informed when a new sale is coming up, and you’ll see a preview of the photos.


Photo: Epic Auctions & Estate Sales

Pro Shopping Tips

If there’s a particular piece you absolutely must have, show up early (I mean early!). There are thousands of estate sale buyers that have experience in shopping estate sales, they’re usually lined up outside of the home very early.  Each estate sale company handles their foot traffic differently, follow the instructions provided by the estate seller prior to showing up.  At times, you may be able to put your name on a list, and come back when the sale starts, but that’s the only way to make sure you get the item before someone else does.  Expect to pay full price on the full day, which is still less than what you would pay shopping retail.

Getting the Best Deal

I consider buying an estate sale item a great deal anytime, but if you want to pay much less, you’ll have to wait until the second or last day of the sale. This is a great option if you don’t have a particular item you’re focused on, and you’re willing to pick from what’s left.  The last day of an estate sale is when you’ll get the best deals.

Have fun shopping, designing a great living space doesn’t take much, especially when you can shop estate sales and decorate your home on a budget.

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