Estate Sale Fees – How Much Do Companies Charge For Estate Sales

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When you hire an estate sale company, there will be a fee to setup, organize, market, and sell the entire contents of a home.  The cost of an estate sale will vary depending on the company and the location, but generally what you’re paying for is similar across the industry.

When Do I Pay The Estate Sale Company?

The majority of estate sale companies across the U.S. will balance all the funds at the end of the sale, and send you a check less the amount they are owed based on your estate sale contract agreement.

Although rare, we’ve heard of some companies charging a lump sum upfront for marketing the estate sale.  This is not general practice, but it does happen.

The fees they charge will vary.  There is no standard percentage across the board, it’s anywhere between 20% to 45% depending on what’s included.

What’s Included In the Estate Sale Fees?

The understanding is that an estate sale company will inventory, organize, properly stage, research, price, advertise, market, and hold the sale for the fees you are paying.

It’s important to read your contract and verify all the information before signing it to make sure all these things are included.  Some things may not be, like cleaning up at the end or moving certain items after the sale.

Although most estate sales are similar, each situation is different, the estate sale contract you sign with the company is a written agreement based on your particular situation.

Don’t immediately judge an estate sale company and choose one over the other based on percentage and fees alone.

For example, a company that charges 40% but will not charge any additional fees to clean up and remove everything from the house at the end might be a better choice than the one charging 20% but asks you to pay $1500 to clear the clutter in the end.

Each situation is different, and it’s very important that you evaluate and make the right decision for your specific needs.  There are many factors to help you choose the best estate sale company, and fees should be the last deciding factor.

Is A Professional Estate Sale Worth the Cost?

Estate sales organized by professionals in the estate sale industry tend to fetch a much larger revenue when compared to family held estate sales.  A professional estate sale agent is experienced, has a large following of buyers, avid collectors, and has the proper finesse to sell the contents of the home at the highest value possible.

Many families that have hired an estate sale company will tell you it’s well worth it.

Have you hired an estate sale company? we’d love to know about your experience, or if there’s something you’d like to add to the information above.  Leave a comment, and we’ll be sure to share.


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