There’s No Time Like Family Time with Aging Parents for the Holidays

November 27, 2017 Aging Parents, Elder Care, Estate Sale Company, Estate Sales

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We all vouch to spend quality time with our aging parents, but unfortunately everyday life like busy work schedules, children, distance for those that live far away from their parents tend to delay the promise we’ve made to ourselves and our loved ones, so thank god for the holidays.

With Christmas upon us, there’s no better time to make that extra little effort of spending the few precious moments we have in our schedules with those that need us most.  If you’re fortunate to still have your aging parents, cherish it.

Aging Parents - Estate Sales

Empty nesters (our parents) would love it if even for a day, we filled the nest with laughter, joy and love.  This one day a year can fill the nest for a good part of the year.

This year, I’m fortunate to have my family around me, my parents are elderly and I suddenly feel older myself.

Aging Parents Need Our Time

Being that we are a site dedicated to estates and estate sales, value is one of the subjects we always talk about.

Whether you expect a good value from items you’re selling at an estate sale or an excellent value on items you’re buying.  There is a value that’s found long before an estate sale begins, and that’s the value of quality time.  We consider that priceless!

Many estate sale clients are often shocked to see their aging parents have collected so many unnecessary items in their homes.  Many often do that just of fill the void of loneliness, as children and family members we shouldn’t wait for the estate sale day to be shocked, but rather help those we love today by giving them the most important thing they need, our time.

We at dedicate our content to reflect the many small details involved in the entire estate sale process that go beyond just stuff! The emotional side of estate sales is often overlooked, but many professional estate sale companies value the emotional side and take it into consideration with every sale they perform.

After all, we are all human, with aging parents, and children to care for.  From our entire team, we wish you a holiday season filled with laughter, good health and a lot of quality time with those you love.

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