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Our online directory of appraisers allows you to find resources, learn about the appraising process, ask a question or find a local certified personal property appraiser to help you determine the value.

A personal property appraiser specializes in providing value for various items; this will assist you in determining the value for tax or resale purposes.

The estate appraisers play a big role during the probate process.  Some courts may require a written appraisal on specific items in order to properly divide the estate.

An estate appraiser can assist you with fine arts, antiques, fine jewelry, collectibles, equipment, machinery and more.

How to hire a professional estate appraiser?

Enter your zip code and locate a few in your local area to interview.  If you’re already working with a real estate agent, attorney or estate sale company, they can also serve as a referral source by providing you with a list of appraisers that specialize in what you need.

Accrediting organizations such as the American Society of Appraisers is a great resource to verify qualifications of your appraiser.  While they verify accreditation, you must do your due diligence in hiring one that will understand you and work closely with you during the process, especially during probate.

While there are thousands of certified appraisers from which to choose, your selection may vary, depending on the items you’re looking to appraise. Estate personal property appraisers may specifically focus their services on one area such as art appraisals, while others have a broader spectrum of expertise.

If you hire an estate appraiser from our website, we ask you to come back and rate their service, based on your personal experience.  As an estate sale guide, we want to provide valid consumer information for finding and hiring the best estate professionals in the industry.


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