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Our Estate Sales Guide directory provides you with resource to find and hire the best estate attorneys and probate lawyers when you need them most.

An estate attorney, also referred to as a lawyer, can help you plan a stable future for yourself and your family.  A lawyer can can assist you with all legal estate matters including representing you during probate.  An estate attorney is your best source for legal advice on all estate planning, taxes, rules, laws and regulations.

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When do I need an estate attorney?

Whether you’ve recently inherited an estate from a loved one or you are an elderly family member looking to establish and legally outline your future plans, the best time to find an estate attorney is now.  Sooner is better than later.  Making plans early with the best estate attorney on your side will save you a lot of money, time and unwanted anxiety.

What does an estate attorney or probate lawyer do?

A licensed estate attorney has experience and continued education to advise you and act as the representative for executors and beneficiaries of an estate.  They can advise you on future estate planning and/or how to settle all the final details of a deceased family member also referred to as a decedent.

They are responsible and stand by your side through the entire probate process.  The probate laws vary based on the state where the death occurred.  These laws may also vary if the decedent owned real estate property in other states.  It’s crucial to find an estate attorney or hire probate lawyer you can trust and work closely with.

While there are thousands of probate lawyers to choose from, it’s important to find one you feel comfortable working with.  These situations are personal and require a great deal of trust, comfort and personalized care.

The probate courts can be a source of referrals, but you must also do your own due diligence or rely on a personal referral from your real estate broker or estate sale company.

Search our site and find an estate attorney in your area. The National Association of Estate Planners and Council is a great resource to verify the choices you’ve made.  Contact, and personally interview, these attorneys to hire the best probate attorney for your family.  We ask that you come back to our site and rate the professional you choose, based on your experience with them, so others can use your experience as a guide.

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