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Besides estate sales, another liquidation process involves hiring estate auctioneers.  An estate auctioneer will liquidate your items by offering them up for bid and selling them to the highest bidder.

Some estate sale companies provide auction services during the estate sale on specific items. Make sure and ask or look for one that provides both estate sales and auctions for the highest value possible.

What type estate items can be auctioned?

If you can think of it, it can be sold.  Entire households are put up for auction.  An estate auctioneer can also auction business related items and equipment.  If you are in a rush, need to quickly empty the home and sell it, an auction may be another option to consider for liquidating the assets.

How do estate auctions work?

An estate auction is no different than any other auction except for the items being sold.  All auctions have a preview period which gives buyers the time to preview the condition and type of items coming up for sale.

Is it better to have an estate sale or auction?

This is a completely personal decision, estate sales are in a class of their own, a value is set on the item and buyers will preview it and buy it at the set price.  Once you find an estate auctioneer and an estate sale company, take the time to compare logistics, costs and time.  Each situation varies, depending on the time you have, the amount of money you’re willing to pay for the estate professional handling the sale of your items.

What else do I need to know?

Remember all estate professionals, including estate sale companies, liquidators and auctioneers, earn their money by selling yours at the highest value unless they buy the items from you at a set price to quickly turn your items into cash.  It is always in their best interest to sell it at the highest value possible, as long as the market is willing to pay it.

When you hire an estate auctioneer, estate Sale Company or any other estate professional, it’s important to interview a few, and choose one that you trust and feel comfortable working with.  Estate relationships involve a personalized approach, in sentimental and emotional situations.  Finding one you feel comfortable with and completely trust will be key to the success in the sale of your items.

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