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Find Senior Relocation Specialists – Hire a Certified Senior move manager

A senior relocation specialist will organize the entire process of moving your elderly family member when life decides it’s time to transition.

They are experienced and trained on the proper techniques in caring for all aspects of the transition.  The relocation specialist may work with other professionals to insure a smooth, safe, and gentle transition.

What’s the difference between a mover and a senior relocation specialist?

Whether it’s time to retire or our beloved elderly parents need to transition into an environment best suited for the health, safety and well being.  The move itself is a daunting task that only a professional can handle.  Besides moving items, logistics and the emotional being of an elder are a concern.

A certified and well trained senior relocation specialist has the experience and the training to deal with these difficult and emotional times as well as the logistics and process of insuring a smooth transition.

  • Downsizing
  • Retirement
  • Relocation
  • Senior Assisted Living

Whatever the need and wherever the move, a certified senior relocation specialist has the training, education and experience necessary to make the move an enjoyable and stress-free transition.

What else should I know?

While many companies advertise elderly moving services and provide excellent service, not all companies are certified, bound by the same ethics, training requirements and certifications necessary to put your mind completely at ease when you or your loved one needs to make that big move.

Besides the estate sales guide and passed client reviews, rely on CRTS for a certified relocation and transition specialist or the National Association of Senior Move Managers to insure the company you’re hiring is a reputable one.

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