Hiring Senior Relocation Specialists – Transition with Care

One of the most difficult decisions for us to make as our beloved family members age and need to transition.

The emotional well-being of our elderly must be top priority, as we make this and other difficult decisions.  The goal is not to let go, but, rather, transition with care.

Downsizing and moving into a new residence might be exciting for us young folks, but for our elderly loved ones, it is a feeling of being torn from your comfort zone, a familiar place where you rest, and a place you’ve known to be your shelter.

Realizing the impact this may have on their emotional and physical well being, the guilt we also feel is unbearable.

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With all these emotions overwhelming us and our adults, it is very difficult to focus and take on the responsibility of relocating and moving them ourselves.  Relying on family members for help may, at times, cause more problems than benefits for us and our elders.

It is best for us to be supportive and rely on a professional during these difficult times.  Our focus should always be with those we care about the most and let the specialists handle the logistics of the actual transition.

What is a Senior Relocation Specialist?

A senior relocation specialist handles all the details of the transition when you need it.  Whether it is the actual move or providing estate sale services, real estate services, we may rely on other professionals in the industry to accomplish the transition successfully.  They will help you coordinate the efforts in hiring other industry professionals such as estate sale companies.

What to look for when hiring senior relocation specialists?

When you are ready to a hire a professional senior relocation specialist, it is important to rely on a company that is Certified to not only transition our elders, but to transition with care.  Organizations such as CRTS and NASMM focus on training and education. Members of this organization are professionals who are sensitive to families and their adults during the process of moving, relocating or downsizing.

What else do I need to know?

Any time you are selecting a professional to provide a service, especially one that is as sensitive as this, you are urged to perform your own evaluation.

Beyond their certification and education, you’ll want to rely on professionals you feel comfortable communicating with. This will not only help you accomplish the transition, but will ensure a stress-free transition for you and your family.

Relocating, downsizing and moving is something each one of us will face during our lifetime.  When we are doing it for those who spent their lifetime protecting and caring for us, we owe it to ourselves and them to make the right decisions by hiring the right senior relocation specialists who will be sensitive and help them transition with care.

Additional References for Senior Relocation Specialists:

Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist – CRTS

National Association of Senior Move Management – NASMM

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