Planning an Estate Sale? Hire Professional Planners

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Hiring professional estate sale planners requires finesse, in an unregulated industry it’s important to be well aware of details to watch for when selecting a company to manage your sale.  Use this guide to help you.

Ask for Referrals First

Getting a referral from a friend or family member may help your search efforts and lead you to a local reputable company they know of.  If you’re selling your home, ask your Realtor if they can recommend someone.  You still have to do your homework, but this will get you started.

Online Search for Estate Sale Planners

If you didn’t get a referral, search online for local estate sale companies.  Select a few companies to call and setup an on-site interview.

Details of a Professional Estate Planner

  • Experience of holding many estate sales
  • Can provide references
  • Holds required business licenses
  • Insured to protect you from liabilities during an estate sale
  • Only holds an estate sale with a written contract
  • Can provide a clear background check

Holding a successful estate sale is beneficial to you and the company you hire, this is why it’s important to hire a company that understands this business, has a large following of estate sale shoppers, and conducts their operation in a professional manner.

Select an Estate Sale Planner you Like

When you’re ready to make your selection from the companies you interviewed, we recommend selecting one that fits the professional requirements, but someone you like, why?  Your relationship will require a lot of interaction.  You might as well like the person you’re dealing with.

Do Your Part

Once you’ve signed the contract for an estate sale, stick to the terms of the contract.  Many conflicts arise when homeowners do not follow the terms in the contract. If everyone involved follows the outlined terms, conflicts are avoided all together.

There are hundreds of reputable estate sale planners throughout the U.S., the chances of you finding a good one, having a successful and profitable estate sale is not difficult if you follow this guide.

Select from our list of estate sale planners now.

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