How to Prepare for an Estate Sale?

You’re downsizing, moving, or lost a family member, and now you’re ready to prepare for an estate sale.   One question you have to ask yourself, am I doing this myself or hiring someone?

If you don’t have enough items in a home to justify an estate sale, you’ll know that pretty quickly from the companies you interview, and the decision is quite clear.

Holding an estate sale is not as easy as it sounds, there are specific techniques that must be followed in order to insure success, there are also costs, and a lot of labor involved to hold an estate sale that’s profitable and efficient.

Hiring an estate liquidator means you are entering into an agreement which will allow the company to come into your home, organize, price, market, and sell the contents inside the home.

Once you’ve made the decision to hire an estate liquidator, it’s important to get prepared as early as possible.

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Decide on what you will keep early

Separating what you’ll keep early will eliminate any issues from coming up later.  If you sign an estate sale contract with a professional company, you cannot decide to remove items later.

During an estate sale evaluation, you are asking the company to sell certain items, removing items after signing a contract will not only affect the success of the estate sale, but may cost you a hefty penny.

Don’t throw stuff away

Any experienced estate liquidator will tell you, “don’t toss anything out until we’ve seen it”.  What you may find as trash, may very well be someone else’s treasure.

One procedure in organizing your estate sale will involve an inventory process where experienced personnel will determine and segregate salable items from those that should not be included in the sale due to damage, liability, or legal issues.

Don’t get in the way

If you decide to hire a professional, simply put “let them do their job”.  There are many steps that must be taken when preparing for an estate sale in a timely manner.  In order to avoid emotional stress, and physical injury, it’s best to allow the people you hire to do their job without interruptions.

When you enter into a contract with estate sale companies, you are essentially creating a partnership that turns your home into a storefront, and the contents into inventory to sell.  This partnership must be built on mutual respect, trust and an understanding of each party’s responsibility.

If you needed an estate sale, would you do it yourself or would you hire a professional, and why? (Leave your answer in the comments).

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