Important Tips for Estate Sale Newbies

If you’re new to estate sales, you’ll find this article quite informative.  Learn why estate sales are held, what to buy, and more.

Why Are Estate Sales Arranged?

Everyone agrees, half of the half of the estate sales are organized when homeowners decide to downsize or liquidate their home, the remaining half are arranged when somebody passes away.

Because these sales are aimed at selling off large portions of household items quickly, you can safely expect items’ prices to be much lower than what you find at retail stores, antique shops and even on eBay.

What Items Can You Purchase At Estate Sales?

Most of the estate sale professionals sell all-encompassing variety of owners’ possessions, from the low cost (board games, towels, crockery, cutlery, dishes and etc) to the priciest (antique pieces, designer curtains, sofa sets, silver ware, exercise machines and etc) items. Basically you can expect anything and everything in an estate sale because what looks like junk to an individual may be of prime importance and value to another.

Who Shows Up At Estate Sales?

Estate sales often attract interior designers, collectors, antique dealers, art lovers and people who are looking for great deals on furniture and other household items.

It is often the easiest thing to identify collectors and dealers at the sale. They are the people who reach the venue even before the doors are opened. They are usually very competitive, savvy, driven and efficient. They won’t let any good deal slip off their hands, no need to get intimidated, estate sales have enough for everybody.

Essential Tips For Estate Sale Newbies

While you may have a vast experience of shopping from retail or even wholesale, buying items from an estate sale is going to be an entirely new and different experience for you.

So do not hesitate and take a look at following tips to achieve the most out of your day at any particular estate sale.

Negotiate Fairly

Estate sales are not a retail shop and therefore, you can negotiate, especially on the second and final day day of the sale. If you fail to get a good deal at the first day, try your luck the next day as prices often drop by the end of sale because the organizers aim at disposing of everything before time runs out.

Keep A Truck Near By

If you’re looking froward to buying large furniture pieces, not all estate sale companies deliver.  Have a truck or van handy to help you move the larger furniture.  Everything must be gone by the end of the sale, so you want to make sure you pick it up right away.

Dig Deep

Take your time while shopping an estate sale, don’t rush through the house quickly so you don’t miss anything.  Usually everything is for sale, don’t forget to look at the rugs underneath tables and if something is not priced, ask someone on staff to price it for you.

Generally, everything in the house is included for sale, unless properly identified, you can easily assume it is for sale.  It’s better to ask than walk away without asking.

Estate sale companies spend countless hours organizing, researching, and pricing the items in the house, if something is not tagged, it could’ve very easily been missed.  It’s understandable and a professional estate sale company is always eager to help.

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