Estate Heirlooms : Toss, Sell or Keep?

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Estate Sales across the country are filled with hand-me-down items, from furniture to china and everything in between.

Cluttered Spaces

Cluttered Spaces

We are overwhelmed with guilt when deciding what to do with these items and are faced with the difficult decisions on whether to sell or keep them.  While many of us would like to keep everything handed down from our parents or a loved one, the clutter can overwhelm our lives quickly, here’s some tips on de-cluttering with respect.

Sentimental value is priceless, but many items handed down or inherited cannot be kept, because there’s simply no room to keep them.  Children living across country or in their own homes already have enough items of their own.

When to Toss?

If you’ve decided on liquidation and hired a company, Do Not Toss Anything.  They will evaluate and dispose of anything deemed unnecessary.

If items are deemed damaged, broken, a danger or hazardous, it’s best to properly dispose of them.  Most of these items are a liability and generally do not hold any sentimental or monetary value.

When to Keep?

If an item holds sentimental value and you have room for it.

When to Sell?

That old dining room set might hold a lot of memory, but there’s no where to put it.  Respect and honor the memories by recycling it with a new family and allowing new memories to be made.

If you feel guilty about selling your family’s estate heirlooms, don’t.  You only have to attend a few estate sales and see for yourself.


Steve and Andrea Repurposed furniture for a Haitian Mission

Steve and Andrea Repurposed furniture for a Haitian Mission

I’ve been to so many estate sales where buyers will stop and tell the estate sale agents “I love that vintage chair I got at your last sale, it stands out in the kitchen and it’s perfect for my son, he absolutely loves it”.  “That oak rocker I got, I sing my baby to sleep in it every night”.  Knowing that your estate heirlooms will end up with a new family that will appreciate, enjoy, and care for them is absolutely respecting and honoring the history of those who owned it prior.

Holding a garage sale or yard sale is an option, unfortunately these sales not only de-value the items being sold but also the history of that item.  Often times, it’s frustrating when a garage sale buyer offers you a few bucks for something that’s important to you.  The stress, anxiety and frustrations are simply not worth the hassle.

Holding a estate sale is much more than earning a profit.  It’s a respectful way of liquidating assets without loss of value.  Estate Liquidators are always eager to provide a free evaluation and discuss the details with you.  So, don’t rush out and start tossing, selling or donating prior to getting the details from an estate industry professional on all the options available for you.  They guide, so you can decide.

It’s very common for estate sale companies to donate any items left after the sale.  The end result is the feeling of peace and dignity.

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