Is a Company Website Really Necessary for an Estate Sale Liquidator?

Many estate sale forums, and online articles have stated that an estate sale business website is not really necessary. There are many companies that do well without a website, while this may be correct, it is not sufficient to sustain an estate sale business long term.

With a new year approaching, many businesses begin making plans for new strategies and marketing approaches to grow their respective ventures.  If you do not have a website, or your website isn’t providing sufficient leads, you’ll find this article helpful.

Sure there are many people conducting estate sales, and from a consumer’s perception that’s exactly what they are (people running estate sales) versus a professional estate sale business.  So can you run a professional estate sale business without a website? Sure you can, but without a doubt, you business growth, number of leads, and professional image will be limited.

Email, social media and online search, are the top internet activities today.  They are no longer an option, but a habit for consumers looking for a product or service.

The online world has become quite impressive with the demographic analysis of users, what this means for you is you are able to target new buyers, professional contacts, and get new leads by simply reaching your audience exactly where they are.

Business Growth

Strategically Growing Your Business

Estate Sale Business Advertising

sales funnelSure there are listing sites (like ours) leading consumers to you, but listing sites also lead consumers to many other estate sale companies.  As a business it’s important to position your company as the choice for estate sales in your local area, a website will help you achieve that.

Website Content

In today’s Search Engine Optimization, content is king. You’re in a unique industry that allows you to provide new content on a regular basis (every estate sale is a page of content),  growing your business organically is crucial to sustain longevity, and trusted long term ranking on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google.  Here are a few essential information pages your site must have.

Home Page

The home page should provide links to all the other pages, social media sites, and display a quick contact form and phone number readily available for your clients or leads to reach you.  The biggest mistake businesses make is placing an image of their phone number instead of text.  An image is not feasible for a consumer to dial.  A text allows the consumer to quickly click the number, and their mobile phone begins to dial.

About us page

Take the opportunity to provide the consumer with a closer look at who you are, even provide pictures of yourself and your team to give it that personal touch.  People love seeing who they’re going to deal with and trust with their home.

Services page

Outline what you do, don’t forget the details and include the entire process.  Inventory, setup, pricing, clean up, online auctions.  If you provide it, talk about it.

Current Sales

Reach new buyers by displaying your current scheduled sales, it’s easy with the RSS feed option available from all three estate sale listing sites.  You’ll want to make sure the feed is mobile friendly and can be customized with your site style.

Past Sales

Show off your experience by providing a list of your prior sales, it’s also easy with an RSS feed option if available from your current estate sale listing site.  You’ll also want to insure it’s mobile friendly.  It defeats the purpose to provide a list of sales consumers cannot access while out shopping.

Contact us

A contact page is essential, with a contact form, email, phone number, and address if available.  Don’t forge to also link to all the social media sites you own.

Shopping Cart

An online store is something you may want to consider adding.  There are many ways to display items you have for sale.  If you use Ebay to sell your items online, you can easily display an RSS feed of all the items you have listed and drive buyers to your items via your website.

A content blog

new leads for estate sale companyA successful website is not something you’ll want to set and forget.  Updating your site on a regular basis with content relating to your sales, products, and informative news will help your site rank on search engines while keeping your site visitors engaged and eager to visit your website again.

Think of your website as a central hub that ties it all together.  Sure, it’s important to be listed everywhere, but imagine for a second the excellent leads you can generate directly through your own website and local online presence.

When it comes to increasing the bottom line through online visibility.  Be wherever you can is the best rule to follow.

If you’ve struggled with marketing, want to learn more about owning your own estate sale company website, and begin with a strategical marketing plan, contact us and we’ll help with a marketing strategy that specifically fits the needs in your local area.  Our marketing plans are exclusive to one company per area only.

Wishing you the best success for many years to come.

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