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A common question and a confusing subject, is there a difference between a realtor and a probate realtor? The differences are important, but they are not accredited or licensed.

A real estate broker is licensed to sell real property, whether it’s in probate or not.  There is no special licensing or designation to label someone a probate realtor, there’s only knowledge, experience, continued education and focus of service to probate real property.

A probate real estate agent is a licensed agent that focuses their area of services to probate properties.  Many will attend specific continued education classes and certifications specific to the probate process, thus they are more knowledgeable on the details and the transition.

A probate realtor would have studied the probate code and has a network of estate professionals they rely on as estate attorneys, estate appraisers, estate sale companies, professional fiduciaries and referees.

The probate process is not as simple as listing a home for sale.  There are many issues that can possibly come up and must be considered and dealt with by the probate Realtor you hire:

  • A defined legal process that must be followed
  • Facilitating the liquidation of personal property
  • Management of deferred maintenance on the property
  • Advisor on the sale of the property and best course to follow retail or wholesale
  • Representative of an eviction proceeding if necessary
  • Responsible for securing the property
  • Marketing and sale of the property
  • Negotiate between all parties involved
  • Supervise the escrow process and all aspects of completing the sale

These are just a few of the issues that come up during a probate real estate sale.

Hiring a realtor experienced in probate sales will help you during a very difficult time.  Having an experienced probate realtor as an advisor will also help you make an informed decision and get the best value for your property.  Once you’ve selected a realtor, verify their license is valid and in good standing with your local state.

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