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Welcome to the one and only central gateway for all things estates.  We’re not just another listing site.  We are your guide.

We are here to provide consumers with information when they need it most.  We have thousands of visitors looking for professionals just like you.

If you are an estate or probate attorney, probate experienced real estate agent, estate sale company, appraiser, auctioneer or senior relocation specialist, you need to be here.

Our thousands of visitors are looking for exactly what you have to offer, our estate professionals are also looking to refer their clients to you when your services are needed.

business team standingProfessional Benefits

  • Feature your company as a Pro by sharing your added value with consumers via Youtube interviews and informative content.
  • Inner-Industry referrals from other professionals when their clients ask for your services.
  • Small business growth – Learn and establish proven marketing techniques online and offline to help your estate sale or real estate company grow
  • Consumers don’t know who you are until you tell them. Let us be the guide to get you noticed.
Our Commitment:

We are here to guide consumers to the best resources and estate professionals online.  At times we may be compensated by businesses listed or featured on this site.

This does not mean we recommend or prefer any one professional over another.  We ask you to come back and rate your personal experience with the professionals you found on our site.  We know it’s easy to leave someone a bad review, but not everyone is positive.  If a professional helped you, please spend the time to tell others.

As your guide, we ask you to use all the information, resources and professionals you have available, to research, follow up and make your own decision, when selecting an estate professional. Pascale Saliba

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