Who Says No One Wants Your Parents’ Stuff?

February 18, 2017 Estate Industry News, Estate Sale Company, Estate Sale Shopping, Estate Sales, Liquidation

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So you’ve been told no one wants your parents’ stuff? We’re here to tell you, don’t believe it!  On average, over 6000 estate sales are held every week across the U.S. and estate sale shoppers aren’t standing in line for nothing.  They are there to purchase.

There is value in everything sold, and professional estate sale companies organize, price, market and sell items on a weekly basis.

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The value may not be what you expect and will vary depending on market availability and customer demand, but there is always value.  To say there is no value would be an insult to the estate family, and the estate sale industry.

It’s never easy to lose a loved one only to find out you’re left with a household full of items that are a duplication of what you may already have at home.  You simply cannot keep everything, and that’s ok.

Most reputable estate sale liquidators will tell you to keep items of sentimental value, and include the items you are not keeping in the sale.

On a weekly basis, estate sales across the country see thousands of buyers specifically looking for certain items by shopping local estate sales.

You may not consider that sleek vinyl living room set is worth anything, any professional will tell you it’s worth something, and there’s a buyer out there specifically looking for it.

We honor each family when we hold an estate sale, and strive to earn the highest value for each item sold.  To tell the family their items have no value at all is an insult, and defeats our existence as professionals in the estate sale industry. Simone Kelly, CEO of Grasons Co estate sale services.  A reputable estate sale franchise and nationally recognized brand with over 1000 estate sales held across the U.S.

Before you toss anything away, show it to a professional.  Before you decide to hold your own sale, learn about the difference between a garage sale and an estate sale.

Depending on the items involved like fine paintings, fine jewelry, antique silver, etc.. you may need estate appraiser, otherwise an experienced estate sale company should be able to quickly provide you with the best options to choose in order to maximize the value in the personal assets left by the estate.

Many estate sale companies are also certified appraisers or may work closely with one they can recommend if needed.

By placing value on the items no matter how small or large the value may be, you are respecting their memory and the things they valued during their lifetime.

Don’t toss history away, allow a new family to turn your items into new memories by holding an estate sale.


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