Caring for Those That Care – National Family Caregivers Month

The month of November has been proclaimed as the National Family Caregivers Month to honor those that courageously provide care across our nation to our veterans, elderly and anyone in need of care.

In the United States there is an average of 60 million people providing care to disabled individuals. Let us join together in honoring and supporting those that give so much of themselves to care for others.

Taking Care of Elderly

Many caregivers have families and children of their own, but they sacrifice every day to deliver care to those family members, friends, and neighbors. Their sacrifices can take its toll on their own lives, but they continue to give of themselves without regard for their own well-being.

Caregivers support the independence of their family members and enable them to more fully participate in their communities, and as a Nation, we have an obligation to empower these selfless individuals President Obama’s Presidential Proclamation for National Family Caregivers Month, 2014.

In the estate industry, where Alzheimer, Dementia, and death are the norm, the psychological, physical, and health of family members providing the care is affected. Individuals providing care can become extra sensitive and emotional as capabilities of those they care for lessens.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, estate sale company, or probate attorney, your business dealings will include those family members that have dedicated their lives to care for someone. Let’s join together as estate industry professionals to recognize their selfless acts.

As their demand for providing care increases, they will also suffer from fatigue, exhaustion, loneliness, and financial hardships. We must remember this, and not simply assume we’re dealing with a difficult, unhappy, untrusting client. Putting care before business in our industry is a must, and one of the best ways we can honor all the families we deal with on a regular basis.

dayne devall

Dayne Devall, LMT, CAED, CRTS

“It is paramount that we honor these tireless individuals,” states Dayne DuVall, C.O.O. of the National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care. “They sacrifice so much.”

“Not only is this country experiencing the ‘Silver Tsunami’ as 10,000 boomers turn 65 every day, there is a care gap occurring as there are fewer people available to provide care – both paid and unpaid.”

Educational resources such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Association or the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America help you get answers to your questions regarding Alzheimer, dementia, and senior care.

Understanding what caregivers (clients) deal with will help identify the signs to be on the lookout for and the sensitive nature in which to communicate and provide service when you’re contacted. It is our duty as estate industry professionals to be sensitive to these matters; we must take extra precautions, a more personalized approach with those families that have been caring for their loved ones and need our support.

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