Shop Estate Sales – Top reasons why you should.

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If you’re an avid shopper, you will not only enjoy the reasons to shop estate sales, but you may actually stop buying anywhere else and only look to shop for items at an estate sale.

Before we dive into estate sales, let’s find out why most of us enjoy shopping in the first place.

After a recent independent survey of  shoppers, many shopping reasons were given, but the common 3 reasons were as follows:

Reasons I Shop at all

  • I love the hunt of finding unique new things
  • I like the feeling of instant gratification
  • I like saving money and getting good deals

Each one of us may have a different reason, but one thing for sure.  All the reasons you can possibly think of will only give you more reasons to shop estate sales.

What is an estate sale anyway?

An estate sale simply means the entire contents of a home must be sold in a scheduled period of time.  The client hires a company to organize, stage and price, all the contents of a home.

The sale will last several days and the goal is to have the entire contents sold and removed by the end of the sale.  What does this mean for the avid shopper?

estate sale antique shopping

Courtesy of Fourth Street Antiques

The fun of the hunt

Avid estate sale shoppers will tell you, the pleasure of the hunt is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  Sure you can walk into a department store and pick out a vase from their inventory, but you didn’t really find something unique, they probably have hundreds in inventory.

When you shop estate sales, each home is different, the contents in each home are different.  The items being sold are not throw away, unwanted items. They are high-quality, unique, cherished items that families can no longer keep for various reasons.

The lasting instant gratification

Instant gratification is everyone’s favorite. Unfortunately it’s short-lived after a few days.  When you shop estate sales and find that one-of-a-kind unique piece at a great price, your instant gratification comes to life.

Every time someone mentions or asks you about the item, you suddenly become the hunter telling the story about his big hunt and reliving the gratification moment.

support estate sale companiesDeals and Savings

Possibly one of the most popular reasons with everyone who shops is, once you’ve experienced estate sale shopping for the first time, you are hooked on the savings and amazing deals.

Every item in the home must be sold within a period of time.  The first day, it’s virtually impossible to get a discount, but the final days are open for negotiations.  If price is not an issue, come early on the first day.

If price is your motivator, shop estate sales on the last day.

Whether you found these to be good reasons to shop, estate sales are fun events to attend alone or with a friend.

Estate sale companies work tirelessly to organize, set up and price items for your viewing pleasures.  By buying estate sale items, you are helping families carry on with life’s transitions, recycling memories, and honoring the memory of those who owned it before.  You are also supporting a local small business, so it’s altogether a good deed.

united states mapSources for finding Local Estate Sales to shop

  • Craigslist
  • Your Local Newspaper

We personally enjoy shopping estate sales and supporting our small businesses in the community.  Do you love to shop estate sales? What do you like to buy? Share any tips you may have on shopping estate sales. We’d love to hear it.

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