How to Properly Store your Estate or Modern Jewelry Pieces

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There is not a single woman in this world who does not like to buy estate jewelry and own numerous pieces of gold, silver, platinum or even costume jewelry. But despite of the fact that a lot of women love to wear jewelry, they still have no idea how to store it properly.

Women often leave their accessories sprawled out in their drawers or in the most random places possible around the house. Not storing jewelry properly leads to losing your valuable goods but it also damages your trinkets in the long run. Take a quick look at the following few ways to make sure your jewelry stays safe and well maintained.

Jewelry Safe or Box for Estate Jewelry Finds

Most jewelry collectors own a safe, but if you don’t have one you may want to consider a jewelry box. Have you seen a beautiful jewelry box at your friends’ place sitting decoratively at their dressing tables?

A jewelry box is a fancy box that is used to store delicate jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, studs, etc. In short, a jewelry box does the job of keeping all the valuable jewelry items safe.

Choose a jewelry box that’s properly lined to protect your beautiful pieces from scratches.  These boxes also do a great job at protecting the jewelry from the harmful effects of corrosion and rust.

Separate Estate Jewelry by metal content

Keeping the various elements of metal away from each other, will minimize the effects of corrosion and or scratches which may expose deeper layers of the metal, making your lovely pieces more prone to damage.

You can either buy a multi-purpose jewelry box or individual jewelry boxes. If you do not have the budget, you can always make one yourself at home. Take help from your friends or family members in making one or you can always watch the do-it-yourself videos online to learn how to make a jewelry box.

Use Organizers for Properly Storing Jewelry Finds

If you do not prefer fancy jewelry boxes and would rather have an organizer instead, go for it. There are organizers available now in every shape and size.

You can get fabric organizers which you can hang in your cupboard for storing your jewelry, or you can get a boxed organizer which you can store away at the bottom of your drawers for keeping your modern or estate jewelry safe.

Storing While Traveling

One of the careless attitudes that is shown by women is their disregard for jewelry while traveling. Many stash their jewelry in a luggage or their hand carry, which eventually results in a broken mess. Jewelry items can be fragile. So while traveling, invest in a proper jewelry storage organizer that can keep your jewelry safe. Make sure you pad up your travel organizer with some cotton or similar, for extra safety.

Create a custom jewelry box

It is not necessary that you need to invest a lot in fancy jewelry boxes or organizers for the sake of safety. You can also create an organizer at home. One of the great ways to do it is by taking a can of Pringles and cutting it in half vertically. Score the adjacent side of the can, and glue four pearls at the base to form a jewelry box. Decorate the rest of the can with lace and ribbons for an easy, cheap and affordable jewelry box.

Jewelry is adored by all women, and just a few essential steps can ensure that your jewelry lasts with you for a long time.  Locking it away in a safe is possibly the safest method, but if you cannot purchase one, we hope the suggestions above will help you get your jewelry nicely organized.

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