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Downsizing Tips Made Simple for an Enjoyable Lifestyle

June 22, 2015 Aging Parents, Downsizing, Elder Care, Estate Executor, Estate Sales, Liquidation, Retirement Planing, Senior Moving

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We are often asked by our readers to provide suggestions on how they can simplify their lifestyles. We’re not specifically experts on the matter, but thankfully we have an abundance of professional experts we rely on to bring you amazing tips that can help you start downsizing without the loss of value. It’s not easy to change old habits, and it is quite difficult to let go of stuff. We are here to guide you to a path of simplicity, but you need to be ready, and we promise it gets easier with practice.

How to Prepare for an Estate Sale?

You’re downsizing, moving, or lost a family member, and now you’re ready to prepare for an estate sale. One question you have to ask yourself, am I doing this myself or hiring someone? If you don’t have enough items in a home to justify an estate sale, you’ll know that pretty quickly from the companies you interview, and the decision is quite clear.

Estate Heirlooms : Toss, Sell or Keep?

January 21, 2015 Estate Sale Liability, Estate Sale Shopping, Estate Sales, Home Clean Out, Liquidation, Senior Moving, Staging & Setup

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Epic_osb-1506 We are overwhelmed with guilt when deciding what to do with these items and are faced with the difficult decisions on whether to sell or keep them. While many of us would like to keep everything handed down from our parents or a loved one, the clutter can overwhelm our lives quickly, here’s some tips on de-cluttering with respect.
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