Pro Tip on Selling a Probate Property Successfully

The sale of probate property can be complicated, unless you have an experienced probate Realtor on your side. Hiring a Realtor who has extensive knowledge and experience with probate is important to a successful sale.

For example, when an administrator or executor is looking for an attorney to handle the probate process, they’re not going to hire a divorce attorney; they’re going to hire an estate attorney. The same applies when choosing a Realtor to sell a probate property. You want someone who’s been there and done that.

When it comes to selling a probate property, it will likely be the first time an administrator or executor has attempted such a task. That’s why it’s important to hire an expert in probate, to assist with all the vital complexities of selling the home. Selling a probate property can be a daunting task, so having someone there to coach you through the process is invaluable.

Probate Experience:

experienceYou don’t just have a generalist that’s going to learn the process with you. You want someone with the experience and know-how, to teach you and guide you to a successful sale.

An experienced probate Realtor will also have the knowledge and capabilities to coach the buyer’s agent, who more often than not, is not familiar with the contracts, the court process, and steps to a timely closing.

A good probate Realtor knows how to work with investors, and is capable of weeding out the unscrupulous ones. They know the pertinent questions to ask an investor, and they also know specialized marketing strategies tailored specifically to probate. This attracts the highest pool of qualified buyers.

Probate Rules

Probate properties are sold “as-is”, but buyers will still ask for repairs and credits. A good probate Realtor will know how to use the “as-is” clause in your favor, so repairs and credits are minimal; if at all.

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Personal Property

The property will usually have furniture, belongings, cars, and other miscellaneous items. An experienced probate realtor will have a “team” of estate professionals to assist the seller with these tasks. In my experience I’ve helped clients hold estate sales by working with professional liquidators; removed four tractor trailers of items in a hoarder situation; had cars hauled for scrap; sold antique cars; hired house cleaners and landscapers to freshen up the property; analyzed if termite work is needed; and hired contractors for major repairs.

“In a nutshell, if you’re paying the same commission, why not have an expert probate Realtor on your side to assist you through the entire probate process successfully?”

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