Tips on Shopping Estate Sale Wisely

March 5, 2018 Estate Sale Shopping, Shopping Tips

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Estate sales are usually held due to downsizing or when somebody is moving to another city because of job transfers and business setup.

Estate sales are also set up when the family is liquidating belongings and property of their deceased family member.

Sometimes these are managed and organized by professional teams at estate sale companies while others are hosted by owners themselves or their heirs.

Estate sales items are similar to those in yard sales but the difference is that you can find a variety of much more items with finer quality in estate sales.

Accordingly, the prices of items available in estate sales are seen to be higher as compared to the traditional yard sales.

That being fact, it is not necessary that you will find only expensive stuff at estate sales as you can get some extraordinarily great deals on rare items there. So if you are planning to take your chances and find the best deal at an estate sale, take a look at following most useful tips:

Attending an estate sale the first day and at the earliest hour is the best thing you can do if you really want to make the most out of it. The earlier you visit more are the chances of getting a hold on your favorite items.

Ask the staff about areas of house that contain items for sale. Many people do not realize that an estate sale contains entire household items and instead just walk through living or drawing to see the items on sale. Even if you are not willing to buy kitchen or bathroom accessories from the sale, roam around a have a look at them also.

Before you buy any vintage or antique pieces, make sure to check their condition first. Because the main purpose of an estate sale is to dispose of all the items, you cannot return and refund your money once you have made the purchase.

If you have just heard about an upcoming estate sale, it is a wise idea to check the website of company that is arranging it. Sometimes efficient estate sale companies put up some pictures about items that you can expect at the sale a week before so that they can publicize the sale and give visitors a fair idea about items.

Inquire the staff about the fixed equipment like kitchen ware, window treatments and other hardware also.

Pick-up policies of different estate sale companies may vary. No matter how experienced you are with purchasing items at estate sales, do ask the staff about their pick-up policy.

Usually you are given a timeline of 24-48 hours for picking up huge items like furniture, stove and etc but it is always better to ask and be sure about your time limit before you pay for anything.

The last but most important thing before you make any purchase is to ask the staff about mode of payment that is acceptable to them.

Very few estate sale companies accept payments through credit and debit cards while most of them sale items on cash only. Even if you are used to shopping and making payments through credit cards, carry some cash on you to avoid any hassle when you are visiting an estate sale.

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