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At estate sales guide we recognize top estate industry professionals who share our vision in helping consumers with valid information.  The top professional status is awarded to a select group of professionals that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to answering consumer questions and by encouraging their customers to share unbiased ratings and testimonials.

Criteria for Top Professional Status

  • 1 post submission of 300 words that provides informative industry information to consumers
  • A minimum of 10 answers in our Q&A Forum
  • 3+ stars in positive client reviews
  • There is no application process

The top professional status is automatically applied when the criteria are met.  If you have a question about your status, contact us.

The top professional status is not in any way connected to the featured or paid listings.  The featured status is a paid opportunity for estate professionals to advertise their service and compensate us for keeping this website live and awesome.

top professional

Benefits of being a top professional

  • An entire page will be dedicated to you and the services you provide specific to your geographical location
  • Featured in our email newsletters to thousands of estate industry consumers
  • Highlighted on our Social Media Sites and recognized for your effort in helping us guide consumers to valid information
  • Besides, everything simply looks better from the top!

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