What do Estate Sale Companies Charge and is it worth it?

You’re faced with an overwhelming responsibility and need to hire an estate sale coordinator, but like most, you’re concerned with what estate sale companies charge and is it worth it?

When asked, this is one of the biggest reasons people shy away from hiring estate sale companies, and choose to hold an estate sale themselves.    Doing the sale yourself is a choice, but you will more than likely experience the same issues others have reported after holding their own sale.

  • Not many people came to the sale
  • People were not willing to pay the prices we asked
  • Exhausting, stressful and labor intensive
  • My family disagreed and argued the entire time
  • We still have the majority of items we started with and hardly sold anything

The issues above are very common and often shared with estate sale companies when they receive a call for hire. Before establishing costs, it’s important to place a big emphasis on quality, service and what exactly it is you’re paying for.

So what do estate sale companies charge for?

  • Sift through all the items in the home, including closets, garages, attic, and cabinets to ensure all salable items are accounted for.
  • Organize and stage each item and piece of furniture in your home in order to make them more desirable.
  • Research and price each item at the highest value possible Their experience and knowledge enables them to know what a buyer is willing to pay.
  • Photograph and market your sale online.
  • Email marketing to the thousands of clients waiting to shop their estate sales specifically.
  • Staff the sale with individuals on the days of the sale.
  • They are experienced in controlling the estate sale crowds.
  • They provide all the tools necessary to conduct the sale.
  • Most importantly they make sure the sale has adequate instructions and notifications, relieving you from any liability issues that might arise from the hundreds of people that will come into your home.
  • If you’re still asking yourself what estate sale companies charge and if it’s worth it, here’s what we found.

hiring an estate sale company is it worth it

The estate sale companies will charge a set percentage at around 20% to 40% for each sale.  The percentage does vary by location, estate sale company, and the type of items at your sale.

There may be additional costs, if you require additional services, such as cleaning out the home at the end, or additional sale efforts after the estate sale.  Once you find a reputable and well-established estate sale company, everything is discussed and outlined prior to signing the final estate sale contract.  During this meeting you can discuss detailed costs. It is always best to place an emphasis on quality and service. It doesn’t do you any good to pay less if it comes at the cost of sacrificing the success and outcome of your estate sale.

What estate sale companies charge is important, but when you are evaluating worth, and choosing to hire an estate sale company,  it’s important to focus on the goal at hand.  If the goal is to sell all the items at the highest value, this requires experience, skill, and a receptive large audience of  estate sale buyers.

A well-established estate sale company will offer both, the buyers and the experience to handle your entire estate sale from start to finish. Their experience and client base cannot be established overnight by the average person wanting to hold their own estate sale.

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