4 Insider Tips Seniors and Caregivers Need to Know

What seniors need to know is there are simple strategies to follow when easing into retirement. Caregivers must also be prepared for what’s to come, here are the top 4 steps to take once you decide on a date to retire.

  • Decide when to sign up for Social Security
  • Check into your workplace retirement benefits to make sure everything is in order
  • You may want to consider rolling over your 401k plans
  • Make a long term investment plan

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Proper Planning

If not done early, a lot can be lost.  If you’re an adult, getting an estate plan together is a must, rely on an estate planning attorney to guide you.  A health care directive will outline the care you receive when you need it, and covers the when, where, and how.  Make decisions as early as you can.  Don’t simply rely on health care insurance, because it will more than likely not cover 100% of the medical costs.

Safe Surroundings

As we age, it becomes more difficult to get around.  The safe haven we live in can become the hazardous obstacle we’re avoiding.  Whether the home has too many stairs or an abundance of items, it’s a danger to our everyday lives.  Statistics show that Medicare costs for hip fractures were estimated to be $2.9 billion, and over 258,000 hospital admissions a year for hip fractures in adults over 65 years old.

You may not need the large space you’re in, consider downsizing your living space by moving into a smaller location.  There are senior relocation specialists that can assist you in the entire process.  If you’re wanting to stay but overwhelmed with an abundance of furniture and items, hire an estate liquidator to help you liquidate the personal assets you no longer need in a smaller, safer home.  Whatever you do, as you age, safe surroundings are a must.

Family Caregivers What Seniors need to know

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You maybe looking forward to retirement, but find yourself caring for your spouse, stop for a moment and care for yourself.  I have watched my mother slowly age and deteriorate in front of my eyes because while she’s caring for my father on a daily basis, she’s forgetting her own well-being.

It’s important to talk to family members, friends, ask for support, and find local programs that can assist.  Depression is pretty common among family caregivers, getting help is a must, even if it means part time to help offset the responsibilities and pressures.


Emotionally and mentally we must all prepare for that day.  It may be quite blunt to bring up this subject, but everyone will eventually expire.  This can happen slowly or suddenly, if you’re a caregiver, preparing mentally for this day will help you grief and cope better.  Making plans and outlining your wishes early will help your family members cope better, and make better informed decisions.

Aging and death is a natural process, don’t let those two define who you are and how you become as an aging senior.  Focus on the positive, not the medications and medical equipment you may have around the house.  Family members, you can use creative ways to keep your beloved senior motivated, and mentally active.

If you’re a senior, you are amazing because you’ve made it here, you’ve experienced a lot, and you’ve shared much.  Enjoy the moments that are given, cherish the time you have here and be responsible by properly planning for your family.

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